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Business Solutions

Northeast leverages our network of traders and on-chain searchers to find opportunity in emerging protocols. Our pipeline connects your business untapped corners of the market. 


What We Offer

Northeast Technology provides industry leading technological services for the financial services industry. Our services connect you directly to major layer one and layer two blockchain networks, and to 100 centralised exchanges. We also provide custom data feeds, and the expertise to help you manage your data feeds. All of this is provided from one source, ensuring fast, low latency financial streams.

Discover new data flows

Find opportunity in places other service providers don't connect you too. Northeast vigilantly detects emerging protocols and provides market connectivity for your own analysis.

All-In-One Solution

Our aggregated data streams will be the only required source for accessing and processing data from different markets. Northeast also provides custom dashboards and database backend infrastructure so your institution can blackbox projects.

Comprehensive Customer Support

We're a small and responsive firm. With activity from London to Sydney, we always have someone available to help with your solutions. You're unlikely to find another team with our commitment to your user experience.

Responsive Automation Tools

We keep our organisation lean by building highly optimised services which operate continuously. We want to share this technology with your firm and automate processes which historically have been tedious and time consuming.

Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our Workflow Solutions

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